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Founding HR

Work Type: Full Time

What we're looking for

GrowthX is building a learning platform to help professionals scale their companies and careers. We believe in building folks with a minimum of 4 year career paths. What that means is that we hire less but we hire top talent. At GrowthX we have a bias to hire intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. (Half of the GrowthX team is an ex-founder.)

In this role, you will help shape GrowthX’s people strategy. You will lead people direction across the company working with team members in product, engineering, content strategy, and learning experience.

Our business is thriving, our customer base continues to grow, and we believe the impact of this role will fuel our company to grow in unprecedented ways. As our founding HR, you’ll design and shape the core processes and experience of our organisation and create the foundation for GrowthX to build upon for years to come.


  • Administer compensation and benefit plans
  • Assist in talent acquisition and recruitment processes
  • Conduct employee onboarding and help organize training & development initiatives
  • Provide support to employees in various HR-related topics such as leaves and compensation and resolve any issues that may arise
  • Promote HR programs to create an efficient and conflict-free workplace
  • Assist in development and implementation of human resource policies
  • Undertake tasks around performance management
  • Gather and analyze data with useful HR metrics, like time to hire and employee turnover rates
  • Organize quarterly and annual employee performance reviews
  • Maintain employee files and records in electronic and paper form
  • Enhance job satisfaction by resolving issues promptly, applying new perks and benefits and organizing team building activities
  • Ensure compliance with labor regulations

About You

Startup Fit

You know what you're getting into, and the prospect of joining a small and growing team excites you.

You want ownership over your work and can function independently. 

You want more responsibility and accountability doesn't scare you. You want to drive impact in your particular area of expertise on the product.

You understand the startup mindset.

You are comfortable with uncertainty and remain adaptable in what you do. You seek to build quick iterations and learn fast. You're used to being scrappy and can function in a way that is nimble and resourceful. You seek growth.

You've effectively worked on small and close-knit teams

You're comfortable having little support structure but know what it looks like and feel empowered to build it.

You're motivated by impact and the opportunity to create something new.

You care about what you build and want to create with efficiency.

Your Technical Skills & Experience

  • 3+ years of HR experience across TA & onboarding.
  • A deep desire to understand every employee's needs, clearly define solutions and deliver those through thoughtful policies.

Bonus Points

  • Previous startup experience (you have thrived in an unstructured, ambiguous environment)
  • ATS & other HR tech automation knowledge
  • You are a HR function advocate and you are part of different HR/Talent communities.
  • Experience in Edtech, Health & Wellness apps

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